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We have over 13 years’ experience in the crafting of specialty Pakistani sweets and bakery which has led to the evolution of the most perfect combinations of flavor and texture that all our product exhibit. Choosing Shirin Mahal is a reflection of impeccable taste and the most exquisite quality you will savor, we have achieved the rare distinction of being known as “simply the delicious.”

We make a variety of Pakistani Sweets (mithai) and snacks to run any occasion into a special occasion by providing an excellent service to our customers in the Greater Toronto Area from four locations to serve you and insuring that our food is of the highest standard. We ensure our prices are competitive and all our food is made using the traditional method giving Hygiene the top priority.

All Our Food Made From Scratch With Fresh And Quality Ingredients By Using Traditional Pakistani Recipes Which Have Been Kept The Same For Decades.


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